ValCastello Snow Polo

Posted by on March 1, 2014

ValCastello Snow Polo

Last weekend the Riviera Polo Team went on a road-trip all the way to San Candido on the Italian/Austrian border where we were invited to play polo on snow by Giovanni Schettino and Chantal d’Acquarone at the Valcastello Polo Club. The setup at Valcastello is straight from a fairy-tale, with a Cinderella-castle overlooking the valley, the nearby ski-slopes and, of course, the polo-field.

As from next year Riviera Polo Club/Pijaubert Polo will be organising Winter Polo- holidays at Valcastello, the theme will be roughly play snow- polo in the morning, ski in the afternoon and stay in the castle and party all night. We are currently studying packages for all pockets, from students with a sense of adventure (the off-piste is awesome) to, hem, more mature individuals who prefer the pistes and more sedate creature comforts. Either way snow polo is something you have to try at any age, and of course there is lots of room in the castle for spouses and guests who can live without the adrenaline and just want a taste of the good life for a few days.

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