Fraser Yachts takes home the Trophy !

Posted by on October 1, 2013

Fraser Yachts takes home the Trophy !

Saturday, 21st September at Pijaubert was amazing. We hosted the second Champagne and Chukkas tournament of the year in what was a quantum leap of organisation that catered to three hundred spectators during the day, both old friends and new, and wined and dined 190 VIP guests under enormous Indian wedding tents (courtesy of Antoine Serval) until the early hours of Sunday morning; the after-party was a space-time continuum (!) with a great day`s polo..awesome !

At three-thirty the games started with a Peluche Polo match between aspiring polo-players of around six and seven years old, riding Shetland ponies from our neighbouring riding schools Baracka and les Pouns en Herbe. Battle was done and won, and prizes awarded to all, thanks to our old chum Luc Fleurquin for sponsoring the Peluche Polo I hear one little girl’s teddy has been retired because her mum and dad can’t separate her from her trophy at bedtime !




At four, three teams lined up to play the galloping game: Riviera Polo Club aka Pijaubert Polo, captained by Jamie Pike, Fraser Yachts, our title-sponsors, captained by Patrick Coote, and Scapa Sports captained by Luc Fleurquin. Also seen chasing the ball were Ouari Beddou and Gary Pike for Riviera, James Fielding and John Vickery who travelled from the UK to play for Fraser Yachts, and Antoine Serval and Charles Hancock for Scapa.

The first chukka took place between Fraser Yachts and Scapa Sports, and saw Fraser Yachts emerge as 2-0 victors over Scapa. The second chukka was between Scapa Sports and Riviera Polo Club which ended 3-1 for Riviera. At this point it looked all sewn-up for Riviera who only had to draw with Fraser Yachts to win the tournament: No such luck ! Fraser won the chukka 3-1 and emerged victorious, which really set the VIP tent roaring as it was mostly populated by Fraser Yachts’ guests ! 


Prizes were awarded to the winners, Fraser Yachts, by David le Grand of Fraser Yachts, to the runners-up, Riviera Polo Club, by Elsie van Kerckhoven of Scapa Sports, while authentic Pijaubert wooden-spoons were presented to our friends from Scapa Sports by Vanessa and Denis of Europavage. The most valuable player award was presented to Antoine Serval by Alexia Pike of Pijaubert Polo School.

An enormous thank-you to everyone involved, Fraser Yachts of Monaco and Scapa Sports Nice, to the Mairie de Montauroux, to Jamie and Alexia and Laura for organising the whole event, to Fabien and nos très chers copains de Draguignan who set up and manned the polo-village, the stands, the restaurant and bars and without whom it would have been impossible, to Yann dePeille from Auberge de la Source for his culinary skills and the sea of volunteers who helped him, to Sharon and Mike for ticketing and Tom and Shelly who flew in from the UK to lend their expertise, to James and John who groomed the field until it looked like a billiard-table.


Micro-management was handled by Tamara and Tristan Davies who brought their buddies from Mougins School and who very kindly ran around all afternoon in Riviera Polo T-shirts, tended the scoreboard and were absolutely incorruptible goal-judges. Colour and a touch of style were added by the equine artwork provided by Fiona Biziou, Inga Stawinska from Warsaw , and of course Mardi who flew in from Canada for the event. A special thank you also to Silvia Van der Weide and Internations for a huge help promoting the event, Silvia was also selling her own line of jewellery in the polo village, check out photos on her Facebook page.


This was the closing event of the season for Pijaubert Polo/Riviera Polo Club but of course we’ll be there all year round for lessons, chukkas and balades. So if you’re thinking polo… come to Pijaubert !



Many more photos in the Gallery!

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