Festival des Arts et Spectacles Equestres de Montferrat

This weekend Pijaubert Polo gave a demonstration polo match at the Festival des Arts et Sports Equestres de Montferrat (FASEM). The object was to bring polo to this renowned event, which although its probably the most important equestrian event in the South of France, until now has never hosted polo.

The field they gave us could have been better but considering it had never been groomed for polo could have been a lot worse, and to be honest when you’re playing with a big ball it doesn’t really make any difference.

So the ponies left on Friday, and we rocked up on Saturday to see the paddocks, pony-lines and show-tents that Jamie and Alexia had set up in the meantime… cool !


We played two-on-two because of the size of the field, but we really had a blast.The first day Jamie Pike and Yann Depeille played for Pijaubert Polo against Ouari Bedou and Gary Pike who played for our new namesake team Riviera Polo Club. Alexia took the day off from playing to organise the event and to commentate the match and explain the basics of polo to the spectators.



Constant hard work by Ouari meant most of the first chukka was dominated by Riviera and played in Pijaubert’s half of the field;  Gary opened the scoring with a goal put in from the halfway line (editor’s note we already said the field was small…) but then Jamie equalised for Pijaubert at the end of the first chukka. The second chukka had Pijaubert written all over it;  Yann took them into the lead at the beginning of the chukka to put the score at  three-one for Pijaubert, and then right at the end Jamie made the most spectacular goal as he went tearing down the ground at mach 3 to the cheers of the 200 or so spectators to put the ball where it belongs. We couldn’t touch him !
Chukkas three and four were played today, Hocine Boudouaia took over from Ouari who reffed the match, and put in the four goals that took Riviera  into the lead, and even though Pijaubert put in another one the final score stood at 5-4.

A special thanks to everyone who helped, especially to Nicole Petschek who brought many years’ experience of polo to her commentary on Sunday, to the organisers of FASEM, to the town of Montferrat for making us welcome, and to the Conseil General du Var who sponsored the event, and of course to Alexia for setting it all up for us.


The next date is Saturday 21.IX.2013 when we will be hosting the first Riviera Polo Cup tournament at Pijaubert. The event is sponsored by Fraser Yachts and Scapa Sports, don’t miss it !