BMW Polo Masters Tour & Night, Saint Tropez

“My wake-up call came on Wednesday morning with an invitation to play the following day in the BMW Polo Masters Tour in St.Tropez. Who could turn that down ?

The rest of the day was spent moving patients’ appointments, booking hotels and arranging for the ponies to be trucked down to Gassin, with saddles blankets, bridles, the whole works. It all went to plan and Thursday evening there I was on the field at St.Tropez.

We won our first match 71/2 – five which was a little unexpected but very gratifying because our seven-goal team, Pepiniere Derbez , managed to give a solid spanking to my old friend Claude Solarz who entered the game with a ten-goal team, and who eventually emerged as winner of the tournament. On Friday it was our turn to take the spanking (9 – 61/2) from the Hotel de Paris team, but we saw some very good play from the Bacon brothers, Cameron and Dillon, who were great sports and really deserved their win. On Saturday Jamie took over and did battle against the title-sponsor’s BMW team, again we saw some really nice play and long balls from Clement Delfosse and Constant Jacquot; the final score was a really close and hotly contested 7-6 for BMW.

The whole event was cool and lots of fun, a big thank-you to Jean-Yves Delfosse for his hospitality and his impeccable organisational skills. We hope to be back next year fielding a full ten-goal team…” Gary Pike, President of the Riviera Polo Club